So why do doors on meeting rooms open inwards?

Barometric Pressure as people meeting for reasons of wanting to be in the loop, moving their heads from side to side scanning the room like the clown game in a side show and adding the same value.

Progressively stealing oxygen from the room and the longer it happens without someone saying why are we here what is the outcome? Who owns the next step? The less oxygen is left at the end.

Now think about what would happen if the door opened outward? The low pressure would suck the door against the jam sealing it shut and people outside would have no way to open it.

Conversely if the door opens inward the pressure may be so great that the door pops open on its own saving the lives of all inside or at least rescuers just need to turn the handle to let air in again, as the door slams open under the strain.

A fast thinking attendee could also pop the pins out of the hinges, this person of course would be killed be the door imploding toward them. They may see this as a merciful way to go, we just need to hold less meetings.