Mercury Thermometer

Many years ago, I wrote a piece about meetings and the conditions that necessitate (in my mind at the time) doors to open inwards. I remember back then the room we were meeting in was universally agreed to be the coldest meeting room in the building. I recall "Binging" topics that related to my first hypothesis and the temperature of the room, while I did find some things with loose connection to mountaineering and planning higher altitude climbs but nothing that I would have been keen to share as pointing to the truth of the matter.

I have a much more pragmatic relationship with facts these days; while I still can be heard to say PCAPs (Packet Captures), or it didn’t happen! I am also happy to talk about things that make sense to me and let you draw your own conclusion, based on the links I provide.

It’s now getting toward the end of 2021 and having just started a new job, one of the team told me they had arranged a window seat for me, Woo Hoo! Oh yes, it is also the coldest seat in the general area too, you’re welcome. I replied with my normal that’s great I’ll love it “fat bastards generate their own heat after-all”

This made me think about the idea of temperature and ability to breath, like I had twelve odd years ago. I found resources to do with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and some of it terrifies me.

But the good news I reckon is if you have that 14-degree seat that nobody wants, find the guy who is:

  • Over forty (53)
  • Overweight (152Kg)
  • long term Smoker or ex-long-term smoker (1981-1999)

Good chance they will love that desk, I’m finding it pretty nice I have to say.

Now to find a place that’s 14 degrees Celsius all year


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