I was watching a TV show (recommended by an Internet Friend) and quite liked the name of their fictitious company “Contra Security”. I wonder if they wanted the link to Guerrilla Security and the even more specific Nicaraguan connection.
Welcome to SOCPuppet.Cloud the dream of this team is to do exciting high value work, as a kind of Tiger team for organisations that want help developing capabilities quickly that they can then be involved with developing further. Kind of like an IT Guerrilla force for hire.

I will go through the building of this company from the ground up trying to go through as many of the processes in order as possible.

The type of business you run affects the compliance and design goals especially the compliance with security requirements depends on industry or focus. I think it is reasonable to assume after the Cyber Security Strategy of 2020 the Australian Information Security Manual (ISM), Essential 8 (Top 37 Mitigations) and the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) will become an increasing focus in Australia.

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