Things I do

I do stuff with computers, make photographs, watch Television and hang with my Wife, Daughter, Rabbit and Staffy Puppy Luci-Fur.

Things I do

Build Security Programs

I will go through the building of a company' Security Program from the ground up trying to go through as many of the processes in order as possible, perhaps I might turn this into a real business unit BTW I have no problem if you do too.

Love Photography

#Love Canberra

I say it a lot, Canberra and its regional neighbours have so much to give and experiences abound. I'm pretty keen to showcase what makes my home the greatest place to spend time.

Working on a laptop

Doing Stuff with Computers

I've worked in IT my entire professional life, I'm currently working for the Commonwealth Government in a Cyber Security Role.

I have a responsibility to give back....

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