When I first saw this image I smiled a little and thought wow they are trying to say complexity is BAD.

To many organisations complexity is bad mostly because they want to have a lower skilled workforce… Well it seems that way at least.

I was talking with someone the other day who was lamenting that “FIM was ridiculously hard, kind of like SCCM”.

I don’t want to rant about IT Generalists expecting to be able to just pick up the DVD and go with many Microsoft Technologies but will say I’m coming up on my third attempt at passing the FIM 2010 Technology Specialist Exam and it is NOT an easy product BUT I didn’t expect it would be …

I want to spend some time talking about complex products that make the Business of IT and the Business of Business easier or Complexity can be your friend.

So I’m keen to relearn my FIM 2010 mojo by building a solution but also because I’m an Infrastructure guy not an application developer, I’m keen to build it code free except for some PowerShell.

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